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Send the Dark Knight on an app-powered adventure with the incredible 76112 App-Controlled Batmobile! Build this motorized remote-control model with 2 LEGO® motors powered by a Bluetooth-controlled battery hub, then make it move using your smartphone or tablet. Whether you’re steering up, down, left, right, or even spinning around in a circle, you’ll be able to speed Batman™ straight to the scene of the crime!


  • New-for-August-2018 LEGO Batman minifigure
  • Battery hub with two medium motors
  • Fast four-wheel drive
  • Fully opening cockpit
  • 11 Bat weapons and customizable elements
  • Hand-activated dual stud shooters
  • Quick-start on/off button
  • Two different LEGO Powered Up app interfaces
  • Check compatibility at


The Bat-Signal is shining so it’s time to race into action! There are two risky routes to take: a broken bridge with a death-defying drop, or the rough part of Gotham City where busted-up buildings block the streets. Both ways demand your very best driving skills. Or you could even design your own obstacle course!

Help & Support

  • Q. Why is my LEGO® App-Controlled Batmobile not working?

    A. If your Batmobile is not working, you can follow this step-by-step troubleshooting guide:

    1. Put six fresh batteries into the LEGO® Powered Up Hub. We recommend alkaline batteries – they’ll give you more playtime. If you use the rechargeable battery, make sure it’s fully charged.
    2. Make sure all plugs are properly connected – go to page 76 of your building instructions for help.
    3. Make sure the Bluetooth connection between the LEGO Powered Up app and Hub is working. Both must be switched on and connected before they can ‘talk’ to each other.
    4. Check that the motors are spinning freely.
    5. If your Batmobile is still not working, check your model against the building instructions to make sure you’re not missing any parts in your build. If you have lost your building instructions, you can find them as free downloads here. (link to

  • Q. How do I reset the LEGO® Powered Up Hub?

    A. Once the Hub and LEGO® Powered Up app have been connected, they will remember each other the next time you turn them on together. If you want to reset the connections, you can make them forget about other devices. Just make sure your device is turned off, then press and hold the green button until the light turns purple.

  • Q. How do I change the batteries in my LEGO® App-Controlled Batmobile?

    A. If you go to page 72 of your building instructions, you can find a section with infographics that can help you see how to put batteries in the LEGO® Powered Up Hub. Or you can follow this step-by-step guide:

    1. Lift the Hub compartment from the rear [JC1] [NK2] of your Batmobile. 
    2. Remove the two screws on the bottom of the Hub with a screwdriver. (Kids: You may want to ask your parents to help you with this step.)
    3. Replace all six batteries with new, high-quality AAA alkaline batteries. 

    The Hub works best with AAA batteries that provide 1.5 volts each. This is because your Batmobile motor requires almost 9 volts (6 x 1.5 volts) to work properly. Rechargeable AAA batteries usually only provide 1.2 volts each – that only gives you a total of 7.2 volts, which is not enough power to run your Batmobile.

    Some brands have slightly different designs and will work better than others. Batteries with a slightly larger positive output (the end of the battery with the + sign) often work better with the connectors of our Powered Up components. So, if your components are not lighting up, you may want to try a different brand with a bigger positive output than the one you’re using. As a rule of thumb, it’s not a good idea to mix brands or old and new batteries.

  • Q. Why is my LEGO® App-Controlled Batmobile wobbling when it moves?

    A. It may be that your tires are not fully pushed onto the rims. Check to see if they are fitted properly, then try driving again.
  • Q. Can I use and connect the new LEGO® Powered Up Hub, motors and lights with my older LEGO Power Functions battery box and motors?

    A. Unfortunately, no. The change of technology between Power Functions (infra-red signal) and Powered Up (Bluetooth connection), combined with a change of the wire connectors, means the two systems are not compatible. 

  • Q. How do I know when my LEGO® App-Controlled Batmobile’s batteries are running low?

    A. If the batteries in your LEGO® Powered Up Hub are running low, the lights will flash orange. Until they do, you’re good to go!

  • Q. What are the minimum requirements for the LEGO® Powered Up app?

    A. Visit to check if the app is compatible with your smart device.

  • Q. How do I connect, or check the connection between a LEGO® Powered Up remote control and the LEGO Powered Up Hub in my LEGO App-Controlled Batmobile?

    A. Press the green buttons on the Hub and the remote control at the same time. The lights on both components should then change from flashing white to the same color. This means they are connected.

  • Q. What are the differences between the LEGO® Powered Up remote control and the LEGO Powered Up app?

    A. The remote control and app share the same basic functions of making your LEGO® App-Controlled Batmobile move and stop. The remote control is most similar to the app’s blue interface, as both use + and - controls. However, the app offers additional features, such as sounds and speedometers, as well as six pre-programmed functions.

  • Q. Will I be able to code my LEGO® App-Controlled Batmobile?

    A. Yes, a coding experience will be released in the LEGO® Powered Up app in late 2018. The update will be announced in the app itself and at

  • Q. How can I tell if my device has integrated Bluetooth Low Energy?

    A. Look in the settings of your device (smartphone or tablet) for the Bluetooth logo to see the status. If you suspect the Bluetooth on your device is not working properly, you can ask to have it checked where you bought your device.

  • Q. Can I use a LEGO® Powered Up remote control with my LEGO App-Controlled Batmobile?

    A. Yes! The LEGO® Powered Up Hub in your Batmobile can be connected to a Powered Up remote control easily and quickly. On the remote, you will see two sets of controls that are labeled A and B. Twist the dial on one set so that it is the opposite way around to the other, for example A has the + sign at the top while B has the – sign at the top. If both sets of controls have the same sign at the top, your Batmobile will spin and not move forward or backward.

  • Q. I think I am missing a piece for my LEGO® App-Controlled Batmobile. What should I do?

    A. Smaller elements often get hidden inside the chunky balloon tires. Check each one for your missing piece, as well as inside the box and around the room where you opened the set. If you still can’t find it, we will be happy to help you here.
  • Q. How does the LEGO® Powered Up remote control work?

    A. The remote control works a lot like how you would use your smart device (mobile phone or tablet for example) to control any other electronic device via Bluetooth technology. If you connect the remote control to the LEGO® Powered Up Hub in your LEGO App-Controlled Batmobile, you can make your vehicle move or come to a stop.

  • Q. Why is the cockpit of my LEGO® App-Controlled Batmobile falling off?

    A. Only the bottom of the cockpit clutches onto your Batmobile, and not the top. Be sure to press the cockpit into place on the bottom only.
  • Q. Why is my LEGO® App-Controlled Batmobile moving in a slightly curved line?

    A. Because the two motors are fitted on different axles, the wheels are not perfectly aligned. This can make your Batmobile drive with a slight curve, but it is completely normal and doesn’t affect the performance or handling.
  • Q. Can I fire the stud shooters on my LEGO® App-Controlled Batmobile using the LEGO Powered Up app?

    A. No, the shooters can only be activated by hand.
  • Q. How do I check the connection between the LEGO® Powered Up Hub and the LEGO Powered Up app?

    A. When connected to the app, the Hub indicator light will be light blue in color. In the app, there are multiple ways: In the Activities, you will see this symbol 

    in the upper left-hand side of the screen. This indicates that the app is connected to a hub. 

    If you press on that icon, it will open the Connection Center, where you can see all the available hubs. Images with a gray background are available, images with a white background with a line through the device are not available.

  • Q. How do I control my LEGO® App-Controlled Batmobile using the LEGO Powered Up app?

    A. This depends on which app interface you are using: 

    a. The red interface lets you drive at different speeds, and has two sliders. Slide them up and down at the same time to move your Batmobile forward or backward. Release the sliders to make it stop. The sliders automatically snap back to the middle when released. 

    b. The blue interface lets you drive at one, top speed, and has two sets of + and – buttons. Press and hold either both + or both – buttons at the same time to move your Batmobile forward or backward. Release the buttons to make it stop.

  • Q. How many motors can be controlled with one LEGO® Powered Up Hub?

    A. The Hub has two ports, A and B, which allow you to plug in and control two motors, or a motor and lights, for example.

  • Q. Is it possible to run multiple LEGO® App-Controlled Batmobiles at the same time?

    No, unfortunately this feature won’t be available at launch.
  • Q. Is the LEGO® Powered Up app necessary to make my LEGO App-Controlled Batmobile move?

    A. Yes. It is possible to make your Batmobile move by hand, but you will feel resistance because the wheels are motorized rather than mechanical. You’ll get the best possible play experience by using the app.  

  • Q. What is the maximum Bluetooth signal distance of the LEGO® Powered Up Hub and LEGO Powered Up app?

    A. The Bluetooth signal distance is usually around 10 meters/33 feet in an open area, but it can vary, depending on a few things: Low batteries in a LEGO® Powered Up remote control (if using one), and obstacles (concrete walls, for example) may decrease the signal distance. Try to remove obstacles, or find another place to play with your Batmobile, if it seems like the distance is shorter than expected.

  • Q. Why is my LEGO® App-Controlled Batmobile not moving?

    A. In order to move, your Batmobile’s motors must be facing in opposite directions. The motors are half-gray and half-white, so flip your vehicle over to make sure the colors are the opposite way around to one another. If the colors match up, go to page 33 of your building instructions to see how to rebuild this section.
  • Q. Why is my LEGO® App-Controlled Batmobile only moving on one side and not going forward?

    A. To make your Batmobile move forward or backward, you need to control both motors simultaneously. You can do this in the LEGO® Powered Up app’s red interface by moving both sliders at the same time, or by pressing and holding either the two + or two – buttons in the blue interface.
  • Q. Which smart devices are compatible with the LEGO® Powered Up app?