Join the Underground Expedition

Children can start a thrilling underground adventure full of scientific discovery, exploration and cool creatures. Realistic vehicles with awesome moving functions and detailed minifigures will inspire imaginative missions. Dig tunnels, avoid wild animals, and find gold!

Dig Into Adventure with LEGO City Mining Experts!

Fully Functional Vehicles for Expert Mining

Mining Experts is full of powerful, multi-functional vehicles ready to make underground discoveries. Kids can play as geologists or demolition experts and play out cave exploration scenarios with real spinning drill bits, load and unload rocks with tipping truck beds, and act out demolition projects with rock walls that break away, revealing gold nugget LEGO elements inside! Activate kids’ imagination with these realistic, cool features.

LEGO City Mining Expert sets

Meet a Few of the Mining Experts Crew!

Tunnel Your Way Out

Break through rock walls with the spinning drill bit on the Mining Heavy Driller vehicle. When kids turn the knob at the back of the vehicle, the drill bit in front spins! Put a minifigure in the side cab to roleplay driving the truck, and start tunneling toward gold!

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