LEGO City Trains

The heroic train workers are the heroes who make the LEGO City trains run day and night. And they need your help. Do you want to be a train driver, pick up passengers from the train station, and head for the horizon on exciting adventures? And do you know how to catch crooks if they try to steal the gold from the Cargo Train? Your shift starts now!

Stop the LEGO City Cargo Train Heist

  • Clever crooks are planning a Cargo Train heist to steal the gold bars. This suspect was spotted close to the cargo terminal. Watch out!

  • Oh no, the crook was too fast – now he’s getting away with one of the gold bars. Catch him before he jumps another train and escapes.

  • One gold bar was not enough for this crook. He has his eye on his next target: the cool snow scooter. How will you chase him away this time?

Keep up with the crooks and heroes

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