LEGO City Arctic Expedition

LEGO® City heroes have never been cooler. Arctic explorers have embarked on a thrilling expedition to investigate and explore this harsh terrain to free artefacts and pre-historic animals from the ice. They work hard to collect samples to analyze in the mobile lab and airlift their amazing finds to safety. Join them here – but look out for polar bears!

A day in the life of an Arctic hero... Do you have what it takes?

  • Arctic explorers are not afraid to climb steep icebergs or ravines to collect their samples. Always remember your ice axes.

  • …aaaand Action! Make sure you document your discoveries, and don’t forget to keep your camera lens free from ice to get the best shots.

  • Riding the Arctic Scout Truck is a bit like riding a motorbike, only much cooler. It can outrun even the fastest polar bear.

  • Maybe this little prehistoric mouse was once chased by a saber-toothed tiger? Let’s take it back to the lab for more testing.

  • The mobile saw is ready to free the frozen mammoth from the ice. Time to make the biggest ice cube you have ever seen!

  • Do you have what it takes to become an Arctic explorer? Get the LEGO Life app, go to the City group and complete challenges.

Watch the cool adventures of the Arctic heroes!

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