LEGO City Arctic Expedition

The ultimate adventure for kids who love to explore and be a hero! The LEGO City Arctic Expedition theme starts a daring adventure where children can make scientific discoveries in the ice, build awesome and detailed vehicles to conquer the snow, and roleplay being brave explorers. Inspire their imagination and feed their love of building!

The Coolest Adventure in LEGO® City – Arctic Expedition!

Inside Arctic Expedition

What will your young explorer encounter in LEGO City Arctic Expedition? With vehicles like the Ice Crawler and Scout Truck, trekking over miles of ice terrain is easy, and LEGO® animal elements like Husky dogs and Polar Bears will make them feel like they’re really in the Arctic. Kids can also analyze a fossilized Mammoth in the mobile lab or take to the skies in the Quadrocopter. Brave scientific and explorer minifigures provide plenty of characters for every arctic adventure they build.

LEGO City Arctic Expedition sets

Sabre Tooth Tiger

Say cheese! Does your child have a grin as big as the Sabre Tooth Tiger’s 20cm teeth?

Polar Bear

Polar Bears need a thick layer of fur to stay warm, but luckily your child won’t need a coat to play!

All Day Long, All Night Long!

Due the Earth’s tilt, for one day per year there’s an entire day of darkness in the Arctic — and also a full day of sunshine.

Where is the Arctic?

The Arctic isn’t just one small area, the Arctic includes the Arctic Ocean and parts of Canada, Russia, the USA, Greenland, Norway, Finland, Sweden and Iceland.


Furry, friendly Huskies like the ones you may encounter in real life!

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