How To Find LEGO BOOST Building

Having a problem finding the building instructions for your LEGO BOOST kit? Yeah, they’re pretty important to getting started, and the robots can’t wait for you to discover and build them. See how they’re wiggling around on the menu screen? They all want you to pick them! Don’t worry, just watch this video, or follow this handy guide to help you locate the instructions:

Launch the LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox App.

Tap on any of the LEGO BOOST models on the menu screen.

When you get into the coding menu, you’ll see two buttons on the top center of the app screen: a stack of two LEGO bricks and a lightbulb. 

Drag the button with the stack of two LEGO bricks down. You’ll see the building instructions there!

PS – you can use the scroll bar at the bottom of your screen to flip back and forth. You can always keep track of the page numbers in the top left corner. 

Enjoy building and coding!