How To Check Build Level Difficulty in LEGO BOOST

You can build and code activities with LEGO BOOST on different levels, from beginner to medium and advanced. Here’s a handy way to find out if an activity will be easy or a little bit more challenging. 

Don’t worry, though – practice makes perfect, so keep on building and coding! Watch the video, or read this guide:


When you select a LEGO BOOST model to build, you will be presented with three build and code activities.


On the top right of each build activity is a yellow triangle that indicates the build difficulty – one brick for easy, two for medium and three for challenging.

Don’t let that get you down, though. We’ve made it fun to learn even the most challenging of build and code activities for LEGO BOOST. Give it a go! You may surprise yourself!

And remember, you can code your own activities and make them as simple or as crazy and complex as you like.