How to build the LEGO® BOOST M.T.R.4 rover

The M.T.R.4 is a rover like no other. It’s built to explore its surroundings and help you lift, move, and even toss things, should you ever have a need for that. 

You can build it by following the easy building instructions in the LEGO® BOOST Creative Toolbox App. It helps if you’re an engineer – no, just kidding! As long as you follow the prompts on the screen, you’re on track. 

As your little rover buddy starts to take form, you’ll learn how to make its grabber arm move up and down, how to pick up things, and how to turn your tablet into a remote control for the M.T.R.4! Drag and drop the action icons on the screen to create a chain of events for the rover to play out, and you can start your adventures.

Do you need help getting started? Watch this video, and follow these easy steps!
Open the LEGO BOOST Creative Toolbox App and select the M.T.R.4 from the menu. It’s raring to go!

Select the first tutorial to build the first part the M.T.R.4. Don’t worry, you’ll have detailed, step-by-step instructions to help you all through the way! 

Disconnect all the Move Hub parts from the previous tutorial build.

Begin assembling the first part of the M.T.R.4!

Once in a while, you’ll be asked to test the M.T.R.4 out by pressing the green button on the Move Hub. Wait a few seconds for the app and the Move Hub to connect.

Test out the build by coding a few sensor actions. The M.T.R.4 can’t wait to show you its heavy lifting skills!

That was quite a workout! Now on to part two: Making the M.T.R.4 move! It’s both strong AND speedy. Test out the controls with the app.

All done zooming around? Now finish the M.T.R.4 by coding a few actions to make it move and lift things like the Mini-Bots! You’re all done! Woo-hoo!