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    It’s your world. Make it how you want!
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Listen while you build

We’ve created a unique, extensive soundtrack for this LEGO® Art World Map set, featuring interviews with professional wanderlusters and travel fanatics! Tune in to tune out – the ideal way to make the best out of your building ‘me time’ and sink into an immersive experience that’s as deep as the Pacific Ocean.
Listen to the soundtrack now!
Listen to the soundtrack now!

Plug in, tune out and—quite literally—Rebuild the World. Enjoy our purposefully designed soundtrack made exclusively to accompany this set!


Freestyle the Oceans with Friends

After building the continents, why not share the creativity with friends by turning the oceans into canvases for your combined creativity? Create a limitless range of patterns – whether they're built together or separately, cohesively or contrastingly – make it however you want, just as long as it’s true to you all!

Put a pin in it

Map out your history! Together with friends or family, allocate colors between you and place pins in all the places you’ve been to. Not only will you make your World Map even more colorful and beautiful (as if it needed it…), you might just end up finding the perfect, as-yet-unexplored, future holiday destination for you all!

More than just a map

Find out why this set is a must-have for travel lovers

Invite the world into your home

The set includes wall hangers to help you easily add this stunning addition to your home décor and pay tribute to your wanderlust.