Creativity 12-in-1 gift with online purchases of $80 or more*Learn more

Creativity 12-in-1 gift with online purchases of $80 or more*Learn more

LEGO® Art The Great Wave
Recreate Hokusai’s The Great WaveCelebrate one of the world’s most iconic artworks by recreating Hokusai’s The Great Wave with layers of LEGO® bricks. This is a joyful and creative project for art lovers to produce their own unique dimensional piece of art. Finish the artwork with a decorative tile featuring Hokusai’s signature, before you proudly display it on your wall at home or at the office.

Listen, Build, Relax

As you enjoy an immersive building project, you can listen to the exclusive Soundtrack that accompanies this LEGO® Art The Great Wave set. It will add to your overall experience and provide a wonderful sense of peace and relaxation. The Soundtrack is tailor-made with content to enhance the time you spend creating your Japanese wall art and includes interviews and stories about the artist Katsushika Hokusai and his most popular piece of work.
Catch the wave!
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Catch the wave! Listen to the Soundtrack to be transported into a fascinating world where you can learn inside stories and incredible details about the inspiration behind this famous artwork. This content has been specially selected to soothe you as you build your own LEGO® Art The Great Wave.



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How we brought The Great Wave to life in LEGO® bricks

Find out about the history and cultural impact of The Great Wave from a cast of experts including renowned art curators Naoko Mikami and Alfred Haft. Plus, discover how LEGO® designers have brought the painting to life with LEGO bricks to inspire a whole new generation of art lovers.

An iconic piece of art

The Great Wave by the renowned Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai is one of the most beloved and influential artworks of the last 2 centuries. Produced in 1831, it famously depicts a stormy seascape with cresting waves, 3 battered barges and a snow-capped Mount Fuji in the background.

Choose your own way to build

A premium booklet guides you through the building process for this LEGO® Art The Great Wave set. You can also download the LEGO Builder app for an online building experience and discover tools that help you build with options to zoom in and rotate models in 3D, save sets and track progress.

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Get ready for a creative journey as you produce your own LEGO® Art The Great Wave. It will bring a splash of color to any room!