The LEGO Technic Race Kart 42048

The LEGO® Technic Race Kart 42048 is a sleek, slick, quick and colorful racer designed by Olav Krøigaard. He wanted to share a few tips, tricks and behind-the-scenes design experiences with you here.

This must be one of the most colorful racers we have released in a long time?
I’m pretty sure this is the first PURPLE race car we have released. I think the orange/purple is a really bold and fun color scheme. The purple panels are quite unique for a Technic collector. I’m sure people will find lots of creative uses for them in their own designs. In this set alone, it’s used in very different ways in the main model and the alternative model – the Track Car. When you see a curved panel like this, it seems logical the curve should be going up. But Aurelien Rouffiange, our French designer who designed the Track Car, turned it upside down and used it as a foot step. It completely changes the look and feel of the car.

Are there any other new elements or features?
Yes, I think this is one of the most detailed small cars we have built. It has absolutely everything you would expect in a full-size race car model: a detailed working piston engine with a realistic race car exhaust pipe, gas tank, two working gears, and even an oil filter.

Then you have the metal pedals, because what good are all the mechanics if you can’t kick the car in gear? 
Usually a race car has a brake and an accelerator, so the gears in this racer are self-syncing.
We experimented a lot with the seat to try to come up with a new way of building that. It gives a fresh, sleek look to the whole model. We had a lot of fun playing with it, and it inspired me to look at seats in a whole new way.
And then there’s the steering wheel. For a car this size, we always use the smaller steering wheel. But then one day, in one of our designer meetings, someone suggested we tried the bigger steering wheel. And when you look at it now, of course it was meant to have that big steering wheel!

So my tip for all race car builders is, if you don’t have exactly the right element you want to use, just try something else! It might be even better.

The printed building instructions for both models are in the box, as always, and if you want to experience the LEGO® Building Instructions App, you can see all the building steps and piston functions in 3D as you build your set. 

Have fun building and racing, and share your creative builds in the Gallery!