New bike – new instructions

We’re taking the new Street Motorcycle for a test drive.


Motorcycles have become a popular Technic building experience. Last year we had the 42007 Moto Cross Bike. This year we have a more urban version: the 42036 Street Motorcycle. Lars Thygesen, lead designer on this model takes us for a test ride.

What’s your favorite new thing about this model?

For me, designing an official LEGO Technic motorcycle was new. This is my first one! And it has some new features I liked building.

-       It’s the first time Technic has designed a motorcycle with a 4V engine.

-       It’s also the first time we have designed a full fairing that is independent from the steering. In real life street motorcycles, this design makes the bike more aerodynamic. I can’t guarantee it makes this model go faster, but it looks like it, right?

-       It has a telescopic fork and mono rear suspension

-       First time we have used the red/blue color combination in Technic

-       You can download the digital building instructions app for a really fun building experience.

…and the alternative model is a retro bicycle, if you prefer classic road trips to street racing.



Have you ever thought about making a Technic motorcycle you can upgrade with Power Functions so you could race for real?

That would be very cool! You can get remote controlled motorcycles, definitely. So if we had the right Technic elements to create a gyro function to keep the bike upright… hm… that would be something else!


You can read more about the free digital building instructions app here.