Racing across blue skies and blue waves

Race across blue skies or blue waves in the LEGO® Technic 42044 Display Team Jet or 42045 Hydroplane Racer with LEGO Technic designer Michael Jeppesen!

What do the 42044 Display Jet Team and the 42045 Hydroplane Racer have in common? 
They’re great models if you’re curious about building with LEGO Technic. If you have never built Technic before, these two racers can give you a great first Technic experience. If you’re a Technic collector, you might like to know the Hydroplane Racer has two new elements. Well, one new, but two of them. The angled blue panels on the back that gives the Hydroplane Racer its aerodynamic look. In the alternative model, the Race Boat, they’re used as seats.

What functions do they have, and are they hard to build?
The Hydroplane Racer has a 4-cylinder engine that drives the propeller in the back. Drive it across a flat surface, and the small wheels connect with the gears that make the propellers rotate.

The Display Team Jet has a retractable landing gear you activate with a gear wheel on the side of the plane. The alternative model is a Stunt Plane, also with retractable landing gear.

Gears can be used to build so many different functions. These two models give you a taste of how we work with gears in Technic, and they’re easy to build. The building principles you use in these gear functions are the same as in all our bigger models. We just add more gear wheels and more elements.

To make it even easier to get started, you can download the LEGO® Building Instructions app for free and find building instructions for both models (and their alternative models).

Watch these hot little racers in action in this designer video.

And then there’s the steering wheel. For a car this size, we always use the smaller steering wheel. But then one day, in one of our designer meetings, someone suggested we tried the bigger steering wheel. And when you look at it now, of course it was meant to have that big steering wheel!

So my tip for all race car builders is, if you don’t have exactly the right element you want to use, just try something else! It might be even better.
The printed building instructions for both models are in the box, as always, and if you want to experience the LEGO® Building Instructions App, you can see all the building steps and piston functions in 3D as you build your set. 

Have fun building and racing, and share your creative builds in the Gallery!