Building and racing pull-back cars

This year we released our second generation of Technic pull-back racecars. The Black Champion Racer (42026) and the Desert Racer (42027). Designer Aurelien is behind both the Black Champion and the combined model using both racers.

Aurelien, what’s the difference between the classic Racers pull-backs, the first generation of Technic pull-backs from last year, and these new Technic racers?

The models are (as always) authentic to real life racers but we’ve improved on mainly two things this year:

  1. We have kept the design basic, so they are super simple to build. You’ll be racing in no time!
  2. The Technic elements make them exceptionally sturdy. The only function, other than the pull-back, is the hook and wire on the Desert Racer. No frills!

What are your best racing tips?
I think everyone has a favorite race track, so it’s just a matter of testing your craziest ideas. Just make sure you give everyone around you a fair warning, move any valuables out of the way, and stay safe! We’ve crash-tested the new racers in almost every way you can imagine, both the two individual racers and the combined racing truck. We’ve tested them on different floor surfaces, from table tops, on slopes, ramps, half loops, even two flights of stairs! Even when elements like a wheel or a spoiler do fall off, it only takes a few seconds to put them back together, and you’re back in the race.

The only thing I would say as a caution is that the Black Champion Racer is not suited for is rough surfaces. It’s very low, so if you push it too hard against a rough surface, you risk scratching the bottom.

In a race, which car would win?
Well, in theory both racers should be equally fast – they have exactly the same type of pull-back motor. But I think that’s a question for all our Technic builders out there to test!

Can you modify the racers to make them go faster?
Of course, you can experiment in so many ways other than just building different race tracks.

  • You can change the design, add more elements, and see what that does for the performance. What happens if you try to make the car heavier?
  • You can check if the car is faster with the pull-back motor in a horizontal position or at an angle.
  • And what happens if you change tires? Which make the cars go faster or further: big or small tires? The combi model uses tires from both models, so what happens if you change their position? Just remember to make sure all wheels can touch the surface if you have more than two axles.
  • You could also test if it makes a difference how you angle the spoilers.

If you have an idea or theory, just test it and see what happens! But whatever you do, just make sure nothing you build onto the car risks getting caught in the wheels.