New Technic Building Elements in 2014

Jeppe talks about the new elements we designed for the 2014 models.

Every year when we plan what new models we want to design, we want to go even further in our efforts to deliver on our core concepts: authenticity, functionality, and challenging building. For this season, we have created four new element designs to support our solid, authentic models even better.

Here are some of the cool facts about the cool new additions to our Technic family.

Medium sized truck tires

New tires were at the top of our wish list for this year. For a while we’ve been working on truck tires that would add a more authentic look for medium sized trucks. I think we landed on the perfect design, and you can find it on the Container Truck and the Hot Rod. Previously we used tires like the ones you can find on the Service Truck (Ø42.2x22) for models this size. The new ones are a little bigger (Ø49.5x22), and the pattern we used is a scaled down version of the large model truck tires (Ø62.4x29)

3x11 Flat Panel

The new 3x11 Flat Panel is a natural addition to our existing panel assortment. It’s basically a smaller version of the 5x11 Flat Panel that we used in the Service Truck. The panel adds stability to small closed or solid surfaces where you might normally use three 11-beams. The smooth surface is ideal for using decals. This season we’ve used them for  the flaps, ailerons and elevators on the Cargo Plane. In theory we could have used beams for those, but this panel gave the Cargo Plane a more complete look. I can see this becoming a new classic!

Stronger medium-sized steering and suspension system

We have built a new system that makes it very easy to get the solid and durable compact steering and suspension you typically want in small and medium sized cars. There’s a new steering arm, and the bearing element is a 1-Module “beam” with 3 ball bearings. It’s so awesome, we went all in and used it in the Snow Mobile just to create an example of the potential it has. I dare you to crash test this baby at home.