Largest ever Technic Cargo Plane ready for takeoff

Technic Designer Lars didn't have to look far for inspiration when he set out to design the new Cargo Plane (42025). He’s a licensed pilot himself! We talked to him about the new model and his own passion for planes.

So, Lars, what’s the coolest thing about the new Cargo Plane?

"Definitely that it has so many functions. I've designed aircrafts before, the Rescue Helicopter 8068 in 2011 (no longer in stores) and the Jet Plane 9394 in 2012 , but this is the biggest and most detailed aircraft we have ever released. You have the three manual functions controlled by joysticks: the elevator, ailerons and flaps. There are four motorized functions: the spinning rotors, the front AND back cargo bay doors open and close, and you can raise and lower the retractable tricycle landing gear.

Even with all these functions, we were able to design it using existing Technic elements, all 1,297 of them, so no new bricks had to be produced for this model. I think that’s pretty cool.

Is the model based on a real life plane?

No, as with most of our models, we research what real life designs are out there right now. We find inspiration online, we go on field trips to manufacturers, etc. And then we take the best of each real life model and try to build it into our designs.

Did you take a field trip to the local airport to do research this time?

I’m actually a licensed pilot myself, so I was already quite familiar with the specs, especially for smaller planes. I've had a passion for planes all my life, and 13 years ago I decided that if I seriously wanted to do something about becoming a pilot in this lifetime, now was the time. So I got my PPL (Private Pilot License) for single-engine aircrafts, and over the next years I owned shares in two planes. It was a lot of fun, but of course, whenever the weather was nice, we all each wanted to take a plane to the skies. So after a while I sold my shares, and now I’m a member of three flight clubs. This way I can always rent a plane, which works out really well for me.

Can we expect to see more Technic planes in the future?

A couple of years ago, we wouldn't have thought of releasing an aircraft this big. And here we are now. So who knows what we’ll come up with next?