History of Motorcycles

What’s your favorite Technic motorcycle? Designer Uwe Wabra shares his own little hall of fame.

LEGO Technic Motorbike with Sidecar

The 70s

Technic motorcycles have been around almost as long as Technic has. I have a soft spot for “first time sets”, so of course I love the first Technic motorcycle. It was released in Europe in 1979 – the 857 Motorbike with sidecar. It was quite an advanced build, with a combination of the studless Technic elements and studded System bricks. It became a big success, so in 1980, it was released in the US as well (as 8857).

LEGO Technic Motorcycle

The 80s

It’s hard to believe, but the only motorcycle Technic released in the 80s was the 1924-1 Motorcycle! It seems very basic, but it has a lot of details for a model this size, and it deserves a mention in our history book!

LEGO Technic Custom Cruiser
LEGO Technic Mag wheel Master

The 90s

Motorcycles made a big comeback in the 90s. We still combined Technic and System elements in most sets, but I think the first strictly Technic motorcycle was the 8208 Custom Cruiser from 1998. We released the 8417 Mag Wheel Master the same year, which is still one of my favorites as well. It’s very futuristic!

LEGO Technic Dirt Bike
LEGO Technic Street Bike

The 00s

Can I pick two from this period? I worked on the 8420 Street Bike from 2005, and I’m still proud of it. But the 8291 Dirt Bike from 2008 is on my shelf, too. Both are very authentic-looking, the colors just scream speed! And the design of the steering and suspension we introduced in these models were groundbreaking for Technic motorcycles.

LEGO Technic Exo Force bike
LEGO Technic Nitro Stunt Bike
LEGO Technic Extreme Power Bike
LEGO Technic HOT Blaster Bike

Wait, can I pick a few more? There were also these mini pullback race motorcycles: 8354 Exo Force Bike, 8355 H.O.T. Blaster Bike, 8370 Nitro Stunt Bike and 8371 Extreme Power Bike. It can be a challenge to use pullback in a motorcycle, but these bikes are small, and the chassis supports the wide tires, so they have no problem staying upright, and you can actually get them up to a decent speed!

The 10s

Our motorcycles are growing up. We have some really big, cool ones now! With the 8051 Motorbike from 2010, the 42007 Moto Cross Bike from 2014  and in this year’s 42036 Street Motorcycle, we have added new tires, new colors, new panels, and even better suspension and steering. This year we even have the digital building instructions for the 42036 that hopefully adds even more fun to your building experience.


I can’t promise what the future brings to our family of motorcycles, but we are always thinking of new ways to build and play with them. I promise, you won’t be disappointed!