History of LEGO Technic Super Cars

Are you as excited about the release of the LEGO® Technic Porsche 911 GT3 RS as we are? Have you seen, owned or built other great super cars before? Whether you’re new to LEGO Technic or have all the old sets on your shelf, we’re inviting you to take a look at some of the amazing super cars throughout the years. Here are our designers’ top 6 from the early beginnings in 1977 to now.

The 70s
Model: 853 Car Chassis
Year: 1977
Claim to fame: While not a super car in its own right, this was the first LEGO Technic car base that you could turn into almost any car you could imagine – inspired by real life, or your own design. The combination of LEGO System and Technic elements made it easy to build on. It had the basic car functions: steering, and a 4-cylinder engine with moving pistons, a two-speed gearbox and moving seats. A great way to learn about the mechanics of building a car!
The 80s
Model: 8865 Test Car
Year: 1988
Claim to fame: By 1988, this was the biggest car LEGO Technic had released – with 900 pieces in the box. New and more advanced functions had found their way to the assembly line, like front and rear suspension, and everyone’s all-time 80’s car favorite: pop-up headlights! Some of us are still hoping those will come back in style…
The 90s
The 90s were a fun decade for our super cars, so we had to pick two!
Model: 8880 Super Car  
Year: 1994
Claim to fame: Everyone agreed the 8880 really needs to be here. The size alone makes it one of the great building challenges with 1343 pieces.

Features and functions that made it a fan-favorite – and lands this super car in our top 6 – included
-       A 4-speed gearbox
-       V8 engine
-       A unique stick shift and stick shift plate for easy gear transition
-       4-wheel drive with three differentials
-       4-wheel steering
-       Independent suspension
-       The alternative model, a Formula 1 car, made it almost too tough to choose which car to build!

Model: 8448 Super Street Sensation 
Year: 1999
Claim to fame: This was a true LEGO Technic super car. Not based on a real-life car, but created as a unique designer car with the full package. The box design, interior, and the presentation of the elements in it were special-made for this model and built as a collector’s item.

The car could be built either as a convertible, or as a gull-wing-door version. You can upgrade it with a motor, and the back of the box showed exclusive behind-the-scenes sketches from the design process.

The 00s
Model: 8653 Enzo Ferrari 1:10
Year: 2005
Claim to fame:  The first of our “real-life” super cars was the 8653 Enzo Ferrari 1:10. Uwe Wabra, who designed the Porsche 911 GT3 RS, was the lead designer. If you measure by number of elements, it holds the super car record for this decade, with 1360 pieces. Yes, this was a Racers model, but it was built by a Technic designer, with LEGO Technic elements, so that’s why it’s made its way to our top 6 here. Features like the V-12 piston engine and the door opening mechanism (using air dampers) are really fun to build and play with.
The 10s
Model: 8070 Super Car
Year: 2011
Claim to fame:  The first of our super cars with Power Functions battery box and motor included in the model. A signature red color scheme for the super cars, curves and detailed exterior styling made this a fun model to build and display, and a great challenge to design. It inspired us to keep trying new shapes, functions, and – not least – colors in the cars we make. Both super cars, medium-sized and small.

Every one of these super cars has been someone’s favorite. But if you have ever built your own car, you know that’s the most fun of all!

What does your dream super car look like? What color(s) should it be? Which functions should it have? Build or draw your perfect car, and share it with us in the Gallery!