Heavy Lift Helicopter: big cargo, big details, big build

Did you know the 42052 LEGO® Technic Heavy Lift Helicopter is one of the biggest helicopters we have ever designed? Find out more in this designer interview with Milan Reindl.

Milan, did you set out to make one of the biggest Technic helicopters ever, or did that just happen? 

Size is never a goal in its own right. Of course, we always experiment with how many functions, details and bricks we can get into a set, but the most important thing for us is to make sure you get a solid model to both build and play with. The Heavy Lift Helicopter measures over 8” (22cm) high, 23” (60cm) long and 20” (53cm) wide!

And how much does it weigh?
1.22 kilos, including the battery box.

A model this size almost always comes with Power Functions, right?
This one does, absolutely. It’s the first helicopter we have made that comes with a (well-hidden) built-in Power Functions Battery Box and a Medium Motor (link to http://shop.lego.com/en-DK/LEGO-Power-Functions-Battery-Box-8881). It runs a 4-directional gear box that controls the cargo bay doors and the cargo hatch (loading ramp). It lets you lower and raise the cargo container (or whatever cargo you choose to build/transport) with a winch. And finally, which I think is one of the really cool features: it makes the top rotors spin in opposite directions, just like they do in real life.

Apart from the motorized functions, what else can you make it do? Most importantly: WILL IT FLY?
No, sorry – the motors don’t have enough power, and the rotors can’t generate any lift. But you can operate the rudders manually and the elevator with the joystick.

What were your main goals for the design?
Creating the rotor function properly. And it’s a cargo helicopter, so to keep the cargo area as roomy as possible, we’ve kept the battery box well stashed away (read: built into the frame).

How big is the cargo hold?
The inside measurements are 3” (7.4cm) wide, 2” (5cm) high and 4.7” (12cm) deep. I like that you can build the cargo container we have included in the building instructions, but you can really build and load anything you want that will fit in there. Try it out!
Did you know you can rebuild it to create a powerful Tandem Rotor Helicopter that measures over 7” (19cm) high, 31” (80cm) long and 19” (49cm) wide? Watch the designer video for more fun facts, or show us what cargo you have built for your helicopters in the Gallery!