How did a Fire Plane find its way to Technic?

We had an idea for a modern propeller plane with fun functions. We especially liked the idea of making a seaplane. We gave it sleek lines and massive floats with hidden landing gear. Then we had to give it a clear mission that would make sense for a Technic model. The fire planes help to put out big forest fires and are possibly the coolest kind of seaplanes. This was a chance to bring the two concepts together and see what kind of fun we could create with them.

What are the main functions?

When you taxi the plane down your runway, the boxer engine pistons move back and forth, and the 3-blade propeller spins around. You have the joystick-controlled ailerons and elevators and a manual rudder. But my favorite function is the water drop! When you’re in the air, you can release the water bricks with a push on a button.

And what can you do with the alternative model?

That’s a modern jet plane, and it’s the first delta-wing aircraft we have ever made (I hope I am right). Delta wings make the plane structurally very stable and agile whilst performing maneuvers. As for the functions, you have the retractable landing gear – by turning the jet nozzle, two levers underneath open the air brake and the canopy. The elevators are controlled by a small joystick right in front of the rudder that you can move manually. After I built the jet, I had quite a few elements to spare, so we ended up with a couple of fun extras: a climbing ladder so the pilot has easy access to the cockpit and a ground power unit with an extendable power cable.

What was the most fun about working on this model?

It was really fun to design this model. It’s my biggest model – for now, anyway! It has 578 elements, and a wingspan of 17” (43 cm). I like the water bricks, too. They’re the round 2x2 transparent blue system bricks – you don’t see those in a Technic model every day. And it’s the first time we get to use the triangular panels in white. They have only been used in yellow before. That was on the 42035 Mining Truck. You get seven of these white panels in the Fire Plane! I hope everyone has as much fun building the Fire Plane as I did. Even now, a year after I finished designing it, I’m very happy with it, and I haven’t found anything I wish I had done differently.