Designer interview: Who would win a pullback car chase?

Do you think the 42046 Getaway Racer can shake off the 42047 Police Interceptor in this year’s extreme LEGO® Technic pullback car chase?

Technic designer Lars Krogh Jensen designed both cars. He should know.

Lars, in the Pullback designer video, you say the police always wins. Does that mean the Getaway Racer is too slow?

Hehe, no. These cars were both designed for lots of fun action play and story ideas. Each of the cars is a fast and powerful pullback in its own right. We don’t put steering in our pullbacks. It can swerve your car off its course and you’ll lose speed and distance. There’s no suspension, either – it’s just pure, perfect pullback play!

But if you have both cars, they can each play parts in an action-packed spy adventure, a hero and villain drama, and any other good guys vs. bad guys stories you can come up with. Will the bad guys get away sometimes? Definitely. Will the police catch them in the end? Probably! It’s your story – it’s up to you!

Any new features or functions to look for?

The pullback is basically the only function to make sure you get maximum speed and distance. But you get lots of cool details, like the skull and flames stickers on the Racer, which I really like. I can say that, I didn’t make them! (Claus Tannebæk is our amazing sticker guy.)

And you get the tires with the new lime green rim on the Interceptor. This is the first time we’ve done them in this color. Plus you get two lime green L-lift arms and a lot of small white panels. Those are always fun to build with when you’re making your own models, too.
Milan Reindl designed the combi-model: the Extreme Police Racer. 
Is it a futuristic, sci-fi theme, or how would you describe it?

It’s just a really wild twist on a police car! I knew right away I wanted to make some kind of an extreme police car, and the final model is almost identical to my first build. Imagine if police always chased bad guys in a car like this? I’d say it commands a certain amount of respect on the streets! It has both pullback motors so it’s crazy fast. Its low center of gravity makes it very solid and stabile. It goes really far and jumps well, too.

Any fun building techniques you want to share?

The wheels are based on LEGO System. In this case we have two different sizes. That made it a little challenging to fit them all to the same height so they would all touch the ground! And if you look at the hood, the white panel is an odd panel, and the black one is even. That was fun to work with! And it makes for a nice, smooth front.

How fast does it go with the two pullback motors?

FAST! You should try it at home. Make sure you clear a long path!

Are you a pullback champion? Check back next week and find out more about our next competition!