Start Building with Technic

Construction vehicles are a fun way to start building with Technic. If you’re new to the Technic building system, a model like the 42032 Compact Tracked Loader is the perfect place to start. (If you forget the name or number on your way to the store, just remember it’s the only white and blue construction vehicle!) With 252 elements, lifting boom, tipping bucket with grabber, and smooth running tracks, AND step-by-step digital building instructions with animated function checks, it’s a great introduction to how we design and build Technic models. Even though this is one of our smaller models, we use the same building techniques as we do in every size model we make. And that makes it fun to build, even for experienced builders when they’re in between bigger projects!
Go to the Products section and let Milan and Markus show you the Loader and the alternative model – the Snow Groomer.
Or, go see what the Digital Building Instructions  are all about.