42031: A tough little cherry picker

A small model with monster elements

This year’s 42031 Cherry Picker is one of our favorite little monster models. Designer Olav Krøigaard brings it to the blog for show and tell.

It’s so detailed! How do you get this much detail into a model this size?

We have Technic elements in all sizes. This way we can create realistic functions and details in all model sizes, big and small. The Cherry Picker is built with 155 elements! And don’t judge it by its size – it has a working boom and basket with room for a busy worker. You can raise, lower and turn the boom and basket, too. The truck has four warning lights and sturdy wheels, two seats in the cabin – it’s all just like a classic, real life cherry picker.

What’s it like to build and play with?

It’s a perfect model if you want to get to know Technic but are not sure how to get started. Just as with the big models, you complete one section at a time: the chassis, the truck bed, the boom and basket and the cabin. Don’t quote me on that order – but you get the picture. Then you put the sections together, and we have tried to make those steps as easy as possible.



It’s the same with the alternative model, a futuristic-looking Tow Truck.

Both models are so much fun to play with. You can use the Cherry Picker to, well, pick cherries! And for all kinds of construction work where your construction worker needs a lift, of course.

The Tow Truck has a cool crane function, and you can raise and lower the towing fork. You’re so ready for any roadside rescue mission with this guy.

Did you add new elements or colors to the Cherry Picker?

We added a black Monster Angle Element in the cabin on the main model. On the Tow Truck, it works as the hook.

The what now element?

Hehe! The Monster Angle Element. It’s just something we call it in the Technic team. It’s an element that was used in some of the LEGO Monster Fighters sets, in a grey version. We have a lot – a lot! - of elements. Sometimes we give them nicknames. It’s easier than remembering their code numbers.

Did you just get the Cherry Picker? If you want to check your functions as you build, you can download the digital building instructions app here. (Please remember to ask your parents first.)