All-access Technic Pit Pass

Designer Uwe Wabra gives you an all-access Technic pit pass for a closer look at the 24 Hours Race Car.

Wonder who designed that incredible (yes, we’re mega proud of it) 24 Hours Race Car? Uwe Wabra is one of our most experienced racecar designers, and he’s done it again.

The race car has been released in Europe already, and American race fans can get behind the wheel in August this year.

Image 1: The LEGO® Technic 24 Hours Race Car (42039) main model


What is special about the 24 Hours Race Car?

I love racecars. I think most of us in the Technic team do, and we’ve designed lots of racecars over the years. One thing we always do to create new features in our racecars is keeping up to date with the latest technology and designs in the real life racecar industry. For this model I was inspired by a number of different designs and functions, and I took what I think is the best of each of those designs and tweaked them to the Technic DNA.

The HOG steering and suspension are super smooth. It has a V8 engine, new, curved panels and colors that complete the authentic racecar look. As for functions, there’s the steering I mentioned, opening hatch for a look at the engine, opening doors, and you can upgrade it with the Power Functions Accessory Box.

Image 2: The LEGO® Technic 24 Hours Race Car (42039) alternative model


And what about the alternative model?

The alternative model is a really cool off-roader, which you can also upgrade with Power Functions. The new panels work well in this design, too, I think. It has opening doors and rear hatch, steering and suspension that match the main model, and I highly recommend you try building it and have fun with the retractable fog lights! That’s one of my favorite functions.

Do you want to share a pit crew tip with all the Technic builders out there?

Do you need another challenge after you build both models? Even if you can’t stay awake to race for 24 hours straight, you can always bet your friend how many cool racecar designs you can build in 24 hours. You get 1219 elements in this box. Go build!