I received my first LEGO set at Christmas when I was 11. My LEGO collection was very small during my childhood and I lost interest in LEGO for a long time. 14 years later (almost seven years ago) I got a LEGO Racers 8650 set for Christmas, and it was with this model that my passion for the studless LEGO Technic began. I bought many big Technic sets and built dozens of my own models. In April 2012 I quit my teaching career and moved to Denmark to do the job I have been dreaming of for five years – LEGO Technic Designer.

What I do outside LEGO: I love hanging out with friends, talking to and meeting people, and photography. Besides that I read, listen to music, play the bass and write articles about bands and review albums. My favourite sports are frisbee, rollerblading and swimming. As a typical Czech I enjoy watching Ice Hockey World Championship. 

Best creation I have ever made: Probably my SAAB 37 Viggen jet plane I built in 2011. The complexity and the amount of functions I managed to squeeze into it make it my favourite model so far. 

My favourite type of model would be: A big display team jet plane, the Tumbler or a remote controlled animal!