Small builds for big conversations

three figures talking, the figures are made out of LEGO bricks

Tools to help you talk to your child about digital safety and wellbeing

On average, parents will only spend 46* minutes discussing online safety with their child during their entire childhood. Most grown-ups just don’t know where to start. And that’s absolutely fine. It’s hard to keep up with what kids are up to online, let alone know how to keep them safe from harm.

Our ‘Build and Talk’ activities give you the tools to have a relaxed but useful conversation with your kids about life online as you tackle some fun and simple builds together.

*Kaspersky global study 2019

  • a monkey like creature built of LEGO bricks

    Step 1

    Together with your child, choose one of the three ‘Online Explorer’ characters to build first. They’re based on the things kids are most interested in doing online.
  • a creature that is being built in LEGO bricks, it's only half way

    Step 2

    Start building and talking to your child about what they love to do online (don’t worry, we’ve given you some handy conversation starters to break the ice).
  • red angry creature made of LEGO bricks

    Step 3

    Choose one or more related ‘Watch-Outs’ to build and talk about.

Choose your Online Explorer to build

What are the Watch Outs?