Hall of Fame

The Build the Change team picks their favourite creations from around the world.
  • foodgarden made with LEGO bricks
    Food production needs a lot of space, so we made a floating foodgarden!
  • Machine made with cardboard
    Meet the anti-cow-farting machine. It sucks in farts and converts it to clean air.
  • a machine that creates ice sheets built in LEGO bricks
    A machine that intakes the sea water through the hose, cools it, and makes ice sheets for polar bears.
  • a LEGO shoe built by a child
    We made an electric shoe that can charge your phone
  • a helicopter built in LEGO bricks
    Funkadelic Batman’s flying turtle nest protector.
  • a vehicle built in LEGO
    Solar powered Portable iceberg.


Explore the awesome ideas from selected events and partnerships in the galleries below.