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The LEGO® Brick Lab

The LEGO® Brick Lab unites physical and digital worlds to create a uniquely interactive and immersive experience – one that takes LEGO® play to an amazing new level! Our friendly Brick Specialists guide young builders through a 20-minute, immersive journey into the LEGO® Brick Lab, where the only limit is your child’s imagination.

Using innovative technology to bring walls, floors and ceilings to life with light, sound and music, the LEGO® Brick Lab invites kids to play in a virtual world that plays right along with them. Each ticketed child will have the opportunity to build their own creation (with a set of bricks unique only to this store!), scan their build and then watch it become a living part of the LEGO® Brick Lab in seconds! Crazy characters, interactive storylines, a building challenge and a dance party – what more could you want?

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Children's tickets: $15.00 each.