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Blue Squadron Missions

Blue Squadron

The Rebel Alliance’s Blue Squadron, under the personal command of General Antoc Merrick, is a newly-formed mixed fighter squadron at the secret Rebel base on Yavin 4. The U-Wing Fighter used by Blue Squadron is a powerful transport gunship designed to carry troops into battle behind enemy lines. It isn’t easy to learn the control systems of an entirely new type of ship, but the heroes of Blue Squadron have proven themselves up to the job.

Blue Squadron Vehicle
Available February

Gold Squadron Missions

Led by veteran commander Jon “Dutch” Vander, Gold Squadron is made up of Rebel Alliance pilots trained to fly the Y-Wing Starfighter, a sturdy ship built to blast its way into a fight, drop a payload of proton bombs onto a key Imperial target, and then blast its way back out. Just like the fighters they fly, the pilots of Gold Squadron are tough, stubborn, and determined to always get their missions done, no matter the odds or obstacles that are against them.

Gold Squadron Vehicle
Available March

Green Squadron Missions

Green Squadron

The quick-reflexed Rebel Alliance pilots of Green Squadron have had practice flying a number of different starfighters, from X-Wings to Y-Wings. Right now, they’ve been put in the cockpits of the A-Wing Fighter, an ultra-quick strike interceptor that can fly at even greater combat speeds than the Empire’s fastest ships. This squadron’s flexibility and training have given them an edge in numerous battles, often teaming up with Blue Squadron for lightning-fast coordinated attacks on Imperial ships and bases.

Green Squadron Vehicle
Available April

Red Squadron Missions

Red Squadron is one of the Rebel Alliance’s most celebrated and elite starfighter squadrons, recognized for their many successful missions against the Empire in systems all over the galaxy. Assembled from the best of the best pilots from squadrons such as the Tierfon Yellow Aces and defectors from the Empire’s elite Skystrike Academy, Red Squadron specializes in flying the famous X-Wing Fighter. Although the squadron has no permanent home base, it is currently located at the Alliance’s hidden hangar on Yavin 4.

Red Squadron Vehicle