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What is LEGO Rebrick?

LEGO Rebrick is a platform for enthusiasts 13 years old or older around the world to take part in LEGO® sponsored contests.  These contests can be focused on stop-motion videos, original LEGO creations, or a combination of the two. You can win all kinds of prizes, including signed sets, hard to find goodies, having your model featured, or even a trip somewhere!

How Create an Account

You can create an account with your LEGO ID (your login to or Just click Sign in at top of the page and fill in your LEGO ID username and password. If you don’t have a LEGO ID, you can also create one by clicking “Sign in” and then “Sign up now”.

How to Enter a Contest

Once you’ve created an account, find the contest you’re interested in entering. Make sure to read our Legal Rules as well as the contest rules. Create something amazing to enter in the contest, then go to the contest page and click “submit entry”. Follow the directions on the submit entry page, and you should be good to go!

Every new entry must be moderated by the LEGO Rebrick staff to be visible to members who are logged out or those that do not hold an account. This can take 1-3 business days. Once moderated it will be visible to everyone.

The Rules

By taking part in a contest on LEGO Rebrick, you’re agreeing to our Legal Rules. These rules cover the basic rules of contests, and apply to every contest on Rebrick. Make sure you also read the contest rules for the specific contest you wish to enter, as these change with every contest.

If your entry or behavior violates these rules, your entry could be disqualified, and, if you repeatedly violate the rules, your account could be banned.

If you see an entry violating the rules, please report the entry by clicking the flag icon on the entry and checking which reason why you feel this entry should be removed. Our moderation team will review the entry and act accordingly.

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