LEGO® Technic toy cars

LEGO® Technic cars and trucks are the perfect choice for advanced builders who want to get their hands on everything under the hood! With authentic looks and functions, challenging building techniques, and collector model cars, these sets are every car designer’s dream.

Is There A Mechanic In The House?

LEGO® Technic cars and trucks are the perfect choice for the advanced builder who is looking for an immersive building experience. LEGO Technic models are built on the three design principles Authenticity, Functionality and Challenging Building. Every car or truck comes with building instructions for a main model and an alternative model within the same category, so this is your chance to not only look under the hood, but BUILD everything under the hood of the BIGGEST LEGO vehicles available!


You will learn how to build working piston engines, spinning radiator fans, intricately designed body work, opening doors, front-axle steering, pull-back motors, suspension, and lots of other technical details. Technic cars and trucks are inspired by real life, like rescue vehicles, construction machines, farm vehicles, motorcycles and race cars, rare concept vehicles like hovercrafts and hover bikes, as well as authentic replicas of iconic super cars and trucks and trailers, like the Porsche 911 GT3 RS or the Mack® Trucks Inc. Mack Anthem.


From beginner sets for ages 6+ to huge collector model cars with thousands of elements, find the right one here!