Superhero cars from Marvel

One of the best things about being a superhero must be that the cool cars and gadgets that make your enemies Hulk-green with envy, right? From Mighty Micros miniature car models to The Shocker’s van with shooter function, you’ll be riding straight onto the pages of the coolest superhero comics!

Are you Hulk or Iron Man behind the wheel?

LEGO® Marvel Super Heroes like Iron Man, Thor, and Hulk are used to fighting epic battles against dangerous super villains on a daily basis. That takes super powers, of course, but sometimes it requires just the right amount of horse powers, too. From the collectible Mighty Micros miniature car models, and Agent Coulsen's red Chevrolet, Lola, to the giant crash of Hulk and She-Hulk, you can find a LEGO car for almost every chase, capture, or escape anywhere in the Marvel Super Heroes universe. And if you make up your own superhero stories, you can just rebuild your cars into anything that fits your action! 

Find the perfect superhero toys for kids ages 5-12 from LEGO Marvel Super Heroes here.

And remember: Always be yourself. Unless you can be a superhero. Then always be a superhero.