LEGO® City toy cars

Everyday heroes need cool vehicles to get around LEGO® City – to save the day with a rescue vehicle, fire truck or police car, to keep the streets clean with sweepers and garbage trucks, to run a construction site with diggers and cranes or just go on awesome adventures.

Hero Drivers Needed

LEGO® City is full of cool cars for kids ages 5 and up. It takes all kinds of vehicles to keep the City running: police cars, fire trucks, motorcycles, family cars, camper vans, garbage and construction vehicles, monster trucks, and tow trucks. If it has wheels, you’ll most likely find it in LEGO City. Or on its way into or out of the City, like the money transporters, car transporters, cargo trucks and even buses.


For the brave explorers who boldly set out on expeditions on the edges of the City map, there are always new ways to get around. Off-road motorbikes and trucks, and even ice vehicles and mobile labs to scale the inhospitable Arctic environments and learn new things about the world. Where else would you find a mobile saw vehicle that can cut a frozen woolly mammoth free from the ice?


Find the car or vehicle that can bring new stories to life in LEGO City.