Toy cars for 7-16 year olds

Find our favorite fun toy cars for everyone ages 7-16 - and beyond! From small cars that take a few minutes to build to huge trucks built with thousands of elements – you can just keep building, playing and designing your own LEGO® cars!

License To Build

You don’t stop playing because you get old, you get old because you stop playing. Luckily, you never get too old to play with cars. Here is an overview of LEGO® toy cars for kids of (almost) all ages from 7 to 16. We may put age markings on our boxes to make sure you can find a set that matches your building skills, but when it comes to imagination and creativity there are absolutely no age limits!


From small collectibles and iconic race car replicas to superhero and fantasy cars, from off-road and construction vehicles to giant trucks built with thousands of LEGO elements – you can keep building, rebuilding, and designing your own cars from now to infinity and beyond. LEGO cars are what you make them!


Find fun car toys for everyone right here.