LEGO® Wild Animal Toys and Figures

Roar! Growl! Grrr! These LEGO® sets for kids of all ages are full of fun and action (and relatively safe adventures) with the world’s wildest animals! Does your home feel like a zoo? Look for the perfect additions to your young zookeeper’s collection of wild animals right here.

Let your kids go WILD

Wild animal toys give your young explorer a fantastic opportunity to unleash their inner wild child. No one ever tells a lion to tidy their room, or a shark to stop splashing in the bathtub – sorry, when it’s on the hunt. They can be as wild and dangerous as they want to be. The louder, the better!


Or maybe your child dreams of taking care of elephants, tigers and monkeys at a zoo or a wildlife shelter? With LEGO® wild animal sets, your child can act out any wildlife story and travel to exotic places anywhere in the world they can imagine – the jungle, the savanna, the seven seas, or in their own imaginary worlds.


Let your kid go wild – browse through the sets here for the perfect gift ideas!