Toy Animals and Figures for Preschoolers and Early School Age Kids (4-7)

With LEGO® toy animals, 4-7-year-olds can build and play out any real-life stories or wild fantasy adventures their creative young master minds can imagine. Find the perfect place to start their animal collection here!

From around the time your child turns 4 and over the next couple of years, their imagination runs wilder than all the exotic animals on any savanna. They start to discover that the world is So. Big! And full of possibilities. Anything they can imagine, in their mind, they can do it. The way they play reflects that – mixing fantasy and reality is not an issue, it’s a given. They also form more complex social bonds and their empathy and compassion for people and other creatures become stronger. When your child plays with animals, it can be nurturing care for a play pet, or wild adventures with friends on the back of a dragon or other fantasy animal. With LEGO animals, your child can mix and play out any story in any real or imagined world. They can even imagine and build whole new species on their own! Need ideas for the perfect gift for your young world explorer? Browse here!