LEGO® Friends Toy Animals and Pets

Is your child looking to adopt a new toy cat or dog? Or how about a hedgehog or a horse? The five LEGO® Friends from Heartlake City know just how to care for all the animals they meet. Find the perfect sets for kids ages 6-12 here.

How do you find the perfect toy pet? The five LEGO® Friends girls – and their families and friends – all have a huge place in their hearts for their beloved pets. Whether they train horses at the stables, groom or snuggle with their bunnies, cats and dogs, or nurse sick little hedgehogs or turtles back to health in the Heartlake City Pet Center, they always go the extra mile to make every animal feel safe and loved.


The LEGO Friends toy pets inspire everyday and nurturing roleplay for kids ages 6-12 with lots of must-have accessories, gadgets and tools for any vet-to-be, horse-riding champion, dog walker or young animal friend. Your child can combine sets or rebuild them into something new of their own making. Look for the age marking in the description to find an age-appropriate set.