LEGO® Elves Toy Animals

How do you bond with an elemental dragon? Can you tame an evil, cursed bat with cookies? The magical world of LEGO® Elves is full of fantasy animals who all have their own role to play in the battles between darkness and light!

What is the perfect toy animal for a child who loves fantasy universes and stories? LEGO® Elves is a magical world where elves – at least the good ones – live in harmony with the ancient and wise creatures of Elvendale. The elves’ dragon friends and Elemental Guardians like Liska the fox or Cory the turtle, and the shapeshifting wolf/elf Lumia have to join forces if they ever want to defeat Noctura and her army of evil, cursed bats.


LEGO Elves sets are perfect for your young fantasy fan ages 6-12. Whether your child likes to re-enact their favorite online webisodes or TV series, or continue and expand their own magical stories with these magical creatures, these sets are the perfect portal to their own land of magic and mystery!