LEGO® DUPLO® Toy Animals

What do cows say? Where do chickens live? Toddlers or preschoolers will love playing with their first and/or favorite toy animals in these fun LEGO® DUPLO® sets full of playful characters and stories!

LEGO® DUPLO® toy animals for kids ages 1½-5 are designed specifically for your little toddler or preschooler’s small hands. They’re sturdy and safe to play with, easily recognizable, and each with their own sweet personalities to appeal to your little one’s nurturing instincts. Animal names and sounds are often some of the first words toddlers learn to say – from farm animals like horses, chickens, sheep and cows, pets like dogs, cats and rabbits, to big, wild or prehistoric animals like polar bears or dinosaurs.


Each set comes with easy, intuitive building ideas and inspiring play ideas your child will love. Some of them even feature in their own interactive LEGO® DUPLO® Stories for Amazon Alexa Skills which you can download for free and play out with your child. Find ideas for your child’s favorite new toy pet here!