LEGO® City Toy Animals

From spiders to polar bears and woolly mammoths – what other toy animals can you find in LEGO® City? Whatever the City heroes (and crooks) are up to, you can always count on animals big and small to play a fun part! (Skunk perfume, anyone?)

You might not think wild animals belong in a city, but LEGO® City is full of them! Did you know that City Arctic explorers have even found a prehistoric woolly mammoth? From polar bears to rodents and saber-tooth tigers hidden in the ice, from spiders to skunks and bears in woods, mountains and streams, kids can play out daring adventures, expeditions and excavations with the heroic minifigures. How would the brave City Police ever catch the cowardly crooks without man’s best friend – their trusty police dogs?

LEGO City is a classic, popular theme with lots of iconic play scenarios, details and everyday-life role play and excitement – always with lots of humor and open-ended storylines. All these sets let kids ages 5-12 bring their own new stories to life in LEGO City!