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Medieval Blacksmith


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Let’s get medieval

Bring the Middle Ages to life with this exclusive, fan-inspired set.

Take a trip back to the Middle Ages

Take a trip back to the Middle Ages

Well-stocked workshop

The Blacksmith forge is filled with tools, coal and armor.

Medieval feast

Serve up a chicken leg and a flagon of ale in the kitchen.

Glowing coals

Press the bellows to activate the LEGO® light brick.

Meet characters old and new

Two Black Falcon Knights join new blacksmith and archer minifigures.

Removable roof

Lift off for easy access to the bedroom, kitchen and workshop.

Detailed landscape

Exterior features include an apple tree and a horse and cart.

  • New exclusive Medieval Blacksmith

    Uncover three levels of fun, from the medieval-style kitchen and bedroom to the fully equipped workshop.
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