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LEGO® NASA Apollo Saturn V


Retired Product

Building Instructions

Magnificent spacecraft model for display

Enjoy an out-of-this world experience building a detailed LEGO® brick model of the first rocket to put people on the Moon.

Relive the crewed Apollo Moon missions

The 1,969-piece set includes 3 astronaut microfigures, plus 3 stands to display the model horizontally.

LEGO® Ideas NASA Apollo Saturn V

Impressive replica

This 1:110 scale model is packed with realistic details.

3 removable rocket stages

Build each stage of NASA Apollo Saturn V.

Lunar lander

The lunar lander is part of the S-IVB third stage.

An intricate, rewarding build

This advanced building set offers a delightful, immersive DIY project for any space enthusiast or LEGO® fan.

Majestic centerpiece

Measuring over 39 in. (100 cm) tall, this spectacular model will make a big impression wherever you display it.
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