8884 Remote Control IR Receiver

8884 Remote Control IR Receiver

To power up the IR Receiver you connect the input plug to an LPF female plug (e.g. on a Battery box). When power is ON the green LED beside the channel selector will light up.

The IR Receiver V2 version has an improved motor driver giving you lower power loss and longer battery lifetime (currently the IR Receiver V2 is only available in the 9398 4x4 Crawler).

The IR Receiver has 2 output plugs – Red and Blue. On each plug you can connect one or more function elements that you want to control.

Now you need an IR Remote Control. Make sure they are set to the same channel. On the IR Remote Control you will have controls corresponding to the Red and the Blue output. The green LED will flicker to indicate that a valid control signal is received. Now you are in direct control of the actions connected to the IR Receiver.

When we designed the IR Receiver we tried to imagine all the ways of remote control that could be interesting now and in the future. All this functionality is already build into the IR Receiver.