LEGO Masters USA Season 1: Everything You Need to Know

LEGO Masters USA Season 1: Everything You Need to Know

If you’ve ever wondered whether your love of LEGO® sets would stand up in a heated competition, catch up with the first season of LEGO Masters, where teams of two go head-to-head to impress judges with their talents.

See the teams assemble creations big and small, from working mechanical builds to detailed designs. The only limits are their imagination – and the clock!

Bring yourself up to speed with what happened in the first season of the hit show with the episode recaps here.

Episode 1 – Dream Park Theme Park

Join the competition as 20 men and women compete in teams of two to win a cash prize, the ultimate LEGO® trophy, and the prestigious title of LEGO Masters.

Their first challenge was to build one section of an enormous theme park. With all their talents combined, the final structure was sure to impress judges Amy Corbett and Jamie Berard and LEGO Masters host Will Arnett.

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Episode 2 – Space Smash

This episode is out of this world! Competitors were tasked with building scenes and structures from outer space, whether it’s aliens or massive rocket ships.

But it wasn’t just coming up with cool designs: part of the challenge was making sure the builds look impressive when they’re smashed in slow motion!

Not everyone made it off the launch pad: Jessie and Kara’s team faced their last week as they were eliminated from the competition.

Featuring guest judge Mayim Bialik, this episode is a blast.

Episode 3 – Cut in Half

Half the object, double the fun! Each team in the competition got an everyday object, from a bicycle to a radio – but only half of it. Their job was to create the other half.

The judges were looking for an imaginative way of building up the missing parts, so the mundane can become extraordinary. The team who couldn’t make “split-second” decisions about what they were going to build were eliminated, and brothers Travis and Corey left the show.

Episode 4 – Movie Genres

Guests Phil Lord and Chris Miller who wrote and directed The LEGO® Movie join the teams today as they head to the movies!

Contestants had to put together their own film-themed building experiences this episode. But it was curtains for one team as Manny and Nestor were eliminated.

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Episode 5 – Mega City Block

The challenge expands into a bigger neighbourhood with contestants having to each build a city block that can be combined into a huge city at the end of the episode.

Attention to detail was key for this challenge, with the winners being those who could tell a story with their structure. The limitless brick supply means there was nothing to hold them back!

But team Krystle and Amie found the big city too much, and were the next team to be eliminated from the contest.

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Episode 6 – Need for Speed / Super Bridges

The first step in this test is for the competitors to build a car with speed – as they face down a timed challenge!

With that complete, the would-be LEGO® Masters have to assemble a bridge that doesn’t just look good, but can also take up the strain: it’ll face a stress test with more and more weight added on top until it collapses. Only the last one standing can take the prize: a game-changing advantage in the contest.

But for team Mel and Jermaine, this was the finish line, and they left the competition.

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Episode 7 – Storybook

Featuring special guest Nicole Byer, comedian, actress, and writer and host of baking show Nailed It!, in this episode, contestants had to interpret a story read aloud from a book selected for the competition.

But they had to watch out, because there was a twist – and for one team who nailed it, there was a huge vacation prize!

For those who couldn’t, however, the story came to an end, and Flynn and Richard headed home.

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Episode 8 – Good vs Evil

The forces of good and evil collided under the watchful eye of special guest actor, comedian, and former football player Terry Crews.

The core challenge in this episode was putting together unique interpretations of “evil lairs” - but each team member also had to incorporate a “swooshable” vehicle: a handheld design that they could fly around their newly created world. At the end of the day, only three teams could remain. Christian and Aaron lost the battle this week and exited the competition.

Episode 9 – Star Wars

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Remaining contestants brought a far, far away galaxy close to home when they created their own droids and played out iconic scenes inspired by the popular film franchise.

Visual creativity and attention to detail were the force that granted victory – and guests BB-8, C-3PO, and R2-D2 were along for the ride too!

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Episode 10 – Finals

It all came down to this: the three remaining duos had to build their most impressive sets yet as eliminated contestants returned to watch over the final episode of the first season. Only one team could come out on top and be named the LEGO® Masters!

Despite being at risk after episode nine, couple Tyler and Amy came out on top as the winners of LEGO® Masters USA Season 1!

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