Pick A Ninja

Level Up Mission

QUIZ - History Exam: Day of the Departed (Dr. Saunder's Misson #3)


  • Master Yang tries to use the Rift of Return to return to life, but this backfires horribly! What is the ghostly Yang famous for?

  • Correct! Master Yang created Airjitzu. He could be found at the Temple of Haunted Hill where he would teach you the ancient art, but the cost of your lessons could be very high indeed!

  • The ninja have battled Pythor P. Chumsworth over and over again. Whether he’s shrunk to a tiny size or getting eaten by The Great Devourer, he’s nearly always trouble! This Serpentine warrior is the last of his kind…what is his snake tribe?

  • Well done. Yes, Pythor is an Anacondrai warrior and very much alive, but he sees the Hall of Villainy come to life and knows an opportunity when he sees one!

  • General Kozu served under both Lord Garmadon and his creator, the Overlord, but which army did he command?

  • Right. General Kozu and his Stone Warriors are seeking revenge on Dareth for the role he played in the Overlord’s defeat. Can “the Brown Ninja” beat him again?

  • This Skulkin general and former ruler of the Underworld is back. Once he was defeated by Lord Garmadon and became his second-in-command, before attempting to steal the four Golden Weapons and destroying himself. Who is he?

  • Good. Samukai has returned with Krazi and Frakjaw. They have a score to settle with Jay…

  • The arrogant Nindroid General Cryptor is back, wielding a ghostly Techno-Blade and looking for “his brother”…but on whose design is Cryptor and the Nindroid Army based?

  • Correct! Under the control of the Digital Overlord, Cyrus Borg replicated Zane to create a Nindroid army and its most advanced prototype, General Cryptor.

  • Lost when the Cursed Realm was destroyed, Master Chen is back and he’s hopping mad! Along with two of his fake Anacondrai warriors, what was the first thing he did on returning to life?

  • Sad, but yes…his first thought was vengeance. I guess he hasn’t changed at all!

  • Another statue in the Hall of Villainy was that of the ghost warrior Morro. Having returned to life, or rather having returned to active ghosting, what was the first thing that Morro chose to do?

  • Yes! Morro surprised everyone by siding with the ninja against Yang and the other villains…maybe he was just grateful to be existing again!