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Know your Ninja

  • He was just the son of a blacksmith…and the direct descendant of an original Elemental Master. He was rash and would not leave his irons in the fire long enough for them to strengthen…who is this?

  • Indeed, Kai is the Ninja of Fire…he came a long way from his forge that was full of “loud and heavy weapons…useless in the art of stealth.” He learned that no matter how much fire you have, experience doesn’t happen overnight.

  • He was found by Wu at the bottom of a lake. He can be cool, detached and, critically, restarted! Who is this?

  • Correct, it was Zane, the Ninja of Ice. He was the first of the Ninja to unlock his true potential and has accepted his many lessons – including discovering his true android nature – with admirable stoicism.

  • This Ninja was trained as a dancer, but found his gift in strength of rocks, solidity of the soil and dependability of the seasons. He wore a black gi to signify his elemental link to the earth, now he wears a stone gray hood. Who is it?

  • The Ninja of Earth is reliable, but he can get stuck in his ways! He still struggles to be flexible enough to handle change…and things are always changing! If it isn’t skeletons, it’s snakes, or nindroids or stone warriors…

  • This person is quick – by nature, by speech, by wit, by thought. They channel the raw intensity of electricity created by the weather…sparking, arcing and lighting up the clouds. Who is the Ninja of Lightning?

  • Raised in the family scrap-metal business, Jay always had his hands in the electrics…was it a shock at a young age that created his fully-charged potential, or was he born that way? Not an excuse for poor electrical safety either way!

  • From a line of Spinjitzu Masters, this child found himself born onto a murkier path…with help from his new friends and his uncle, he broke free from his upbringing to tap into his potential, unlock it and then infinitely exceed it…Which of these colors has this Ninja NOT worn?

  • Yes, it was Lloyd the Green (and sometimes Golden) Ninja. It was not an easy road for the most powerful of all of Sensei Wu’s pupils. He may have taken in the Grandson of the First Spinjitzu Master, but it was Lloyd himself who sacrificed his childhood to save his friends from attack by the Grundal. This act changed him forever. He not only looked older, he had grown inside. His potential power came to life.

  • Nya, so long a samurai, finally discovered her Elemental Power and in one of Ninjago’s darkest hours, unlocked her true potential to great effect…but what is Nya’s power?

  • Excellent, Nya is the Ninja of Water, like her mother before her.

  • Final test…which of these lists is the odd one out?

  • Earth, Ice, Water, Fire, Lightning and Energy (both Green and Golden) are all Elemental Powers. Blue, Green, Gold, Black, White, Silver, Grey and Red are all colors worn by the Ninja, as is MAROON, which is worn with a light blue hood by Nya. However, the BROWN Ninja is not a real Ninja, but Dareth, a very brave but not-very-gifted kung-fu teacher from Ninjago City!