Ninjago Quiz -

Best Guess

  • This year so far we’ve seen both Jay’s and Cole’s Elemental Dragons…do you think there will be more?

  • You dance around the vapor of truth and return smelling of…at least one more dragon. I see blue…no, yellow, no, blue and yellow? Sorry, the future is indistinct.

  • The Ninja of Water has been seen on Tiger Widow Island battling the mighty Dogshank and riding her awesome bike…she builds the best gadgets! Do you think she will reappear later on in the year?

  • I suspect you have answered wisely. I also sense that we will see her re-treading her past…as all the ninja might…

  • The Titanium Ninja has found himself in some scrapes down the years…now gaze into the future. Where might he be heading soon?

  • This might be true, or maybe you are re-experiencing his imprisonment by Master Chen? Could he also be driving something new?

  • Cole and Jay…what are their destinies?

  • Yes. Both will find themselves doing some driving, I think. Of course, Jay also has a ‘tower to defend’…

  • What of Ronin? Will this wandering warrior find a place? What do you sense?

  • I concur, this is what I foresee…not that it makes any sense.