Video Hunt #2

Video Hunt!

  • Flintlocke was already a pirate captain, with a less than useful crew…what wish did he make first?

  • Correct! He asked to be on dry land…and it doesn’t get dryer than a desert! Maybe if he’d asked to be ‘safe’ on dry land that would have worked better? Or would he have just arrived in the sand wearing a life vest?

  • Flintlocke wishes to be somewhere cooler and he ends up on an ice floe. When he’s attacked by a Treehorn, what does he wish for?

  • Correct! Poor Flintlocke…he didn’t think his wishes through very well. Maybe Clancee did better?

  • It must have been hard to be a snake with a peg leg, but Clancee showed dastardly tendencies straight away! What was his first pirate ship?

  • Right. His career as a pirate started out…bumpy!

  • He went on to dress like a brigand at school and practice swashbuckling in the mirror, but he should have known he wouldn’t make a good pirate…why?

  • Yes, he got queasy on a dinghy that hadn’t even launched. Not that this put him off!

  • So Clancee got himself on a pirate ship at last, even if he’s too sick to enjoy it! Meanwhile Doubloon talked himself into applying for the crew…how does he escape from his prison cell?

  • Yes, the guards thought he was still there, but he was long gone!

  • After his escape, who does he run into before he meets Flintlocke?

  • Right! He was polite to (and then rude about!) the serpentine warrior and avoided the cop on his way to the docks. This kind of “two-faced” behavior would get him into trouble with Nadakhan!

  • How did the evil djinn punish the noisy, deceitful Doubloon for stealing his treasure?

  • Correct. Doubloon got the nastiest punishment of all three!