Ninjago Quiz -

History Exam: Tournament of Elements

  • The Ninja had broken up in their grief and each one had found alternative employment…what was Jay doing?

  • Correct! Jay thought being a celebrity would fill a Zane-shaped hole, but it didn’t…it was the same for Kai and Cole.

  • Lloyd got all the Ninja together to talk things through and that was when the invitation to the Tournament of Elements appeared. How was it delivered?

  • Correct! The invite was sealed inside a fortune cookie and said that Zane was alive! However they’d have to win the tournament to free their friend…

  • On the way to the Tournament they met the other competitors, all descendants of the original Elemental Master. Who was the mysterious girl in orange?

  • Right. In fact, Skylor is Master Chen’s daughter and was part of her father’s evil plots…but she was already having second thoughts!

  • Master Chen had all kinds of secrets hidden under the ground…which of these did the Ninja NOT find on the island?

  • Yes, the Tournament of Elements was an excuse to imprison the losers and steal their Elemental Power…then they’d have to work in his noodle factory!

  • Master Chen was using the Staff of Elements to absorb the competitors’ strength…but what was he planning to do with all that Elemental Power?

  • Yes. These guys are REALLY into snakes!

  • Despite the efforts of Kai and Skylor, Master Chen succeeded in his plans, but the transformation was only temporary…what did Chen need to make it permanent?

  • Right! So Chen set out to capture the last real Anacondrai in Ninjago, Pythor!

  • With Chen’s new Anacondrai running riot across Ninjago, all seemed lost…but it was Pythor who came up with a way to defeat them! What was his idea?

  • Correct. It was Sensei Garmadon who originally sent the Anacondrai Generals to the Cursed Realm and to bring them back he had to swap places with them. Poor Garmadon…and poor Lloyd, who lost his dad again!