Ninjago Quiz -

History Exam: Rebooted

  • With the Overlord defeated – or so they thought – where were the Ninja working?

  • Correct! They were teaching at Wu’s Academy, which he had set up on the site of Darkley’s School for Bad Boys. However, Lloyd had become famous, so he was out opening supermarkets and going to premieres!

  • New Ninjago City had been rebuilt and filled with high-tech gadgets by which inventor?

  • Correct! I think the Ninja might have spotted O.V.Lord and investigated!

  • Cyrus Borg’s assistant was an android called P.I.X.A.L. who Zane found very interesting! What did P.I.X.A.L. stand for?

  • Right. Sadly P.I.X.A.L. was already under the control of the Digital Overlord and used her scans of Zane to create an army of Nindroids!

  • Cyrus Borg knew the Digital Overlord was taking over and created the Techno Blades for the Ninja. What was their special power?

  • Yes, the Techno Blades could reprogram and transform any machine…they could also delete the Digital Overlord, so he was desperate to recover them!

  • The Ninja managed to shut down the power to New Ninjago City, turning off the Digital Overlord…but the Overlord virus was stolen and reactivated by “the stranger”. Who was it?

  • Yes! Pythor P. Chumsworth rescued the Digital Overlord. He also kidnapped Lloyd so they could tap into his Golden Power!

  • The Digital Overlord built a rocket to recover the Golden Weapons…where were they?

  • Right! This was tough, as the Ninja went to all these places, but the Golden Weapons were lost on the Comet Arcturus.

  • The Digital Overlord became the Golden Master and set out to enslave the whole world! How was he defeated?

  • Correct. This was another tough question, as the Ninja tried all of these things, but in the end Zane gave his life to save his friends.